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Adult Rank Advancement, September 2018

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Pictured (Left to Right): Jennifer Lazzarini, Pedro Bernardy, Bob Lazzarini, Bill Northlich, Igor Akkerman, Bob Jinkins, Bob Gorman

Rank advancement was conducted for our adult class on September 15, 2018. After a rigorous and challenging test, Bob and Jennifer Lazzarini were promoted to 3rd Kyu, Brown Belt in Shorin Ryu karate.

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate the advancement of four of our Kyu rank members:

  • Shirley Gutierrez, Blue Belt, 6th Kyu

  • William Jinkins, Blue Belt, 6th Kyu

  • Taraneh Mostaghasi, Brown Belt, 3rd Kyu

  • Parham Gharagozlou, Brown Belt, 3rd Kyu

Testing was conducted by Sensei Kirk Harding, 5th Dan, Isshin Ryu karate.

Also serving as judges were RyuBuKan Senpai:

  • Igor Akkerman, 2nd Dan

  • Bob Jinkins, 1st Dan

  • Larisa Mishina, 1st Kyu

  • Jennifer Lazzarini, 3rd Kyu

  • Bob Lazzarini, 3rd Kyu

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