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RyuBuKan Dojo | Rank Advancement, October 2020

A record of our recent rank advancement and 100 Kata Day celebration, October 24, 2020. This special event was conducted in our home dojo with the following participants and ranks attained:

Patricia Grandberry, 5th Kyu Green Belt Taraneh Mostaghasi, 1st Kyu Brown Belt Parham Gharagozlou, 1st Kyu Brown Belt Jennifer Lazzarini, 1st Kyu Brown Belt Bob Lazzarini, 1st Degree Black Belt

Judging them were a panel of our dojo peers and seniors:

Igor Akkerman, Bob Jinkins, Arlette Smith, Larisa Mishina

Also judging were two of our dojo mentors and friends: Tuari Dawson Sensei, New Zealand Pat McGale Sensei, San Bruno, California

The COVID pandemic has served to strengthen our resolve and provide opportunities to contain training and sharing, regardless of where we are.

I want to extend my sincere appreciation to everyone who supported us throughout this process, including Douglas Soltesz, Junko "Mrs. Sensei" Bernardy, the families and friends of all the students who tested, and my teachers and mentors who have brought me to this wonderful moment.

Be well. Stay safe.

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