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Do you have questions about my practice? Find on this page the most frequently asked questions, handbooks about karatekids, policies, and other important safety information. 

MARTIAL ARTS: Children's Programming

Questions often asked about our Martial Arts Program

What every parent and student should know about my Martial Arts Program

MARTIAL ARTS: Adult Programming 

Dojo training, terminology, and history

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Get inspired by ACE's fitness & healthy lifestyle blog. Read about healthy eating tips, science-based exercises, & more!




Ten Commandments of Karate, by Sensei Jesse Enkamp

Ten rules to consider for effective and sustainable martial arts training 


As Sensei Jesse Enkamp writes, the practice of karate (or any other martial art) is not a religion but instead another tool for improving our lives and the lives of those we touch. Please read this article and apply what works for you.   


Protecting the Aging Brain, by Cody Sipe, PhD

Protecting the Aging Brain


This article, written by  Cody Sipe, Ph.D., outlines the effects of aging and specific actions we can take to help extend our lives with health and productivity. I encourage you to read and adopt the changes that work for you.  Make the New Year a fresh start for improved health and wellness for yourself and those you love.   Be well, stay strong.




The best fat loss program requires a multi-layer approach that incorporates proper nutrition, adequate rest/recovery, affirmative mindfulness, and appropriate physical movement. Periodic modification and persistent adherence in each of these lifestyle areas will produce healthy and sustainable change.

The article below describes a guideline to resistance training that I believe meets the needs of most of us who struggle with how to perform the correct exercise routine in the most productive manner.

Please read the article and contact me with any questions or needs you have on implementing it.

Be well, stay strong. Pedro

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