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The RyuBuKan Dojo was established in 1997 to allow me to train and teach martial arts from my home in the tradition of my most influential teachers.


The name of our Dojo comes from the history of the Okinawa arts we practice. RYU refers to the Ryukyuan culture; BU reflects the warrior mindset and our desire to use our physical response as a final resort; KAN is a place or home for our practice.


RyuBuKan was the name of the first Shorin Ryu school I trained in were my teacher, Nobuichi (Roy) Oyakawa, taught Karate and Kobudo. RyuBuKan was also used by Kenneth L. Penland, from whom I learned Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu and Kobudo. When I made the decision to open my own dojo I was granted permission by both of these teachers to use their dojo name.

When I began my career in Health and Wellness in 2003 the dojo became a home for all types of training needs.  Over the years friends, students, and clients have contributed significantly to improving this humble studio. At the present time, I conduct weekly sessions, both small group and private, in this very special environment. I invite you to contact me to schedule an assessment of your training goals and to share time in my home dojo.

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